Local E Played is actively seeking artists, musicians, djs and producers to submit original works in all music genres. We hand pick artists based on a criteria of originality, composition and strength of marketability. We are looking for about 8 to 12 talented artists per city and if chosen will be vested on the Local E Played Compilation Album for that city. Releases will be distributed through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, the Local E Played Official Music Store along with many more and contributors will share in the proceeds. In addition the selected artists will be promoted here on the Local E Played website where fans can engage even more with new and favorite artists.


Please read over the Terms & Conditions and review the submission requirements below so you can gather all the appropriate data before starting the submission form.

General Information

  • • 1 song with title  (mp3s will be accepted but wav format is preferred) Wav Vs Mp3?
  • • Artist or Band Name
  • • City/State
  • • Contact Email
  • • PayPal Email Address. Why a PayPal? Need a PayPal account? Sign Up!
  • • General information regarding you as an artist and your music

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