What is Local E Played?

Local E Played is a collaborative promotional music project focusing on local independent artists as well as music oriented small business across the United States. We are here to engage fans with musicians, djs, record stores, night clubs and more while promoting their city’s growing local and independent music scene.

What can Local E Played do for artists, fans and venues?

Local E Played is an easy to use tool for fans to discover new music in their area or cities they may be visiting. Local E Played provides an additional platform for artists to promote their music, get internet radio play and sales without getting buried on page ..5 million? while mainstream artists hog the spotlight. Venues advertising through Local E Played will reach millions of viewers specifically looking for the hottest indie music and venues where it is played.

Which cities will they feature? And when?

Our database is comprised entirely of artist contributions; therefore, there is no definitive order to which they will be released. Cities will be added to Local E Played’s roster after enough content has been provided, reviewed and approved. Local E Played will announce details of upcoming releases in the What’s New section here on the site closer to their release dates.

How do I get involved?

Please see our Get Involved section and Tell EVERYONE you know! 🙂

When should I expect a compilation release from Local E Played?

Definitive dates on a release from Local E Played will be announced in our What’s New section and through the mailing list as they come available. Sign up for our mailing list here.

Where all can I buy the compilation albums?

The Local E Played Compilation Series will be available here on the site via our official store. Release dates will be provided as they come available on our What’s New section.

How do I edit my profile?

Once you have registered or logged in you should be redirected to your dashboard, click the appropriate button marked “edit profile” and you will be redirected to your profile editor. Fill out the appropriate fields and click “update profile”. You can also access your profile editor from the dashboard “sub-menu” and directly from your profile by clicking the settings icon to the right of your display name.

Where can I find Artists or Venues that I Follow or are Following me?

From your dashboard, click the appropriate button marked “Followers” or “Following” and you will be redirected to your profile where all of your followers will be listed in order. You can also access your followers from the dashboard “sub-menu”.

How do I change my display name?

From your dashboard or the dashboard sub-menu choose”edit profile” and the “display name” field will display below. Please note you can ONLY change your display name from your profile editor, NOT from your account settings.

Profile and Cover Photo Troubleshooting

The Profile and Cover photo upload will accept ( .jpg .gif .png) formats only. Please make sure the file name contains no special characters (underscores, dashes, blank spaces or special characters) letters and numbers only.
Profile Photo sizes will crop to 140×140 and Cover photo sizes will crop to 580×217.

Can I post topics or replies from my profile?

At this time you can only post new topics and replies directly through the forum itself. Once you have topics posted, their details will display in the forums tab on your member profile.

How can I view my notifications?

Web Notifications will pop up in the lower right hand corner of your browser as they come available. To view all of your recent notifications go to your dashboard and click the “Notifications” button or from the dashboard sub-menu and you will be redirected to your notifications list.

How do I change my account settings?

From your dashboard select “Account Settings” or from the dashboard sub-menu and chose the appropriate tab for any settings you want to update.

How do I change my website notifications?

From your dashboard or the dashboard sub-menu select “Account Settings” and click “Web notifications”. Email notifications are under a separate tab marked “Notifications”.

How do I update my email?

From the main menu select “My Account” and click “Account”.

How do I update my password?

From your dashboard or the dashboard sub-menu select “My Account” and click “Change Password”.

What if I forgot my password?

What if I forgot my username?

You may login using your unique username or with the email used to create your account. If you have lost track of both please contact members@localeplayed.com

Why does it ask for billing and shipping information?

The official Local E Played Store is planned to open in the near future. Members will be able to manage their billing & shipping details right from their account as well as manage orders on products when they come available.

How do I delete my account?

From your dashboard or the dashboard sub-menu select “Account Settings” and click “Delete Account”. Please note deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone.

Who can I contact for further assistance?

For any questions or assistance with your account please contact members@localeplayed.com

Facebook Like button not working?

Please make sure you have ONLY entered the Last part of your Facebook Page URL [AnythingPopup id=”21″]. Coping and pasting the full url will not activate your like button widget.
The Facebook Like button is currently for “Pages” (Musicians, Businesses, and Entertainers) not “Personal Profiles”. To create your Facebook Page Click Here. Also if your account is set to private or blocked by any user your widget may not display your page likes.

Twitter Follow button not working?

Please make sure you have ONLY entered the LAST part of your Twitter Page URL [AnythingPopup id=”22″]. Coping and pasting the full url will not activate your widget. Also please make sure you have NOT added the “@” before your twitter name.

You Tube Video not working?

Please make sure you have not entered your full url into the field box. You only need to enter the last part of the url [AnythingPopup id=”20″].

Sound Cloud Widget not working?

Please enter only your Sound Cloud user ID number. Common mistakes are entering your Sound Cloud user name or pasting the url to your account page. [AnythingPopup id=”19″]

Mix Cloud Widget not working?

If your Mixcloud widget is not displaying properly the most common mistake is a typo in the Mixcloud field box. Please check to see that you have entered only your Mixcloud name or ID# from your Mixcloud URL. Do NOT copy and paste the full URL.[AnythingPopup id=”24″]

Can I create my own hashtags?

HTML and hashtags are permitted when you create a social wall post. For trending hashtags click here.

Where can I find the City Hashtags?

Your posts will stream on any city page when you use the appropriate hashtag. For a full list click here.

How do I set privacy controls for my social feed?

You can set privacy controls for your social feed in your Account Settings. They can be set to public, private, to members only and restrict them to your followers only.

Whose posts will show up in my feed?

When you follow members on Local E Played their social posts will display on your dashboard.

How do I add events to the event calendar?

Once you have registered or logged in you should be redirected to your dashboard, click the appropriate button marked “Manage Events” and you will be redirected to “your events” and click “Add New”. You can also access your events from the dashboard “sub-menu”.

How do I edit my published event?

Once you have published an event it will be listed on the “your events” page. Click the appropriate edit event link and save your changes to the form.

How do I delete my published event?

Once you have published an event it will be listed on the “your events” page. Click the appropriate delete event link and confirm your changes.

Event website URL troubleshooting

The most common issue with broken links is the absence of http:// in your url. Please enter the full url to the event website you are linking. (Correct: http://www.mysite.com) (Incorrect: mysite.com)

Event Image Information

Image formats should be in .png / .jpg /.gif and should not exceed 600px by 300px.

What all topics are allowed in the Local E Played Forums?

Anything music related! Networking, selling, promoting as long as it is music related and does not violate our Forum Rules or Terms and Conditions…post away!

Where can I find the Forum Rules or Terms and Conditions?

What is the New Music Marquee?

The New Music Marquee is advertising space on Local E Played that promotes new independent music (albums and singles) from local indie musicians free of charge.

Is there an advertising cost or fee?

Submissions to the New Music Marquee are totally free as well as advertising time on the marquee as long as all the submission requirements are met.

How many banners can I send?

Generally one banner per album release is accepted.

What are the marquee requirements?

Will I be notified of statistic reports?

Since this is a free promotion, at this time Local E Played will not gather, report or email advertising statistics.

How do I sign up?

Visit the Submission Requirement Page Here

Is there a fee?

At this time artists can submit content for review totally for FREE!

What all information does Local E Played need?

Please visit the Submission Requirements section for a full list.

Wav Vs Mp3?

Every file is encoded and any quality reduction is locked in. We encode many different formats for our various digital partners. If you upload MP3 files (which are not full quality) the files we send to our partners will not only have the inherent quality loss of the format we encode to, but will also have the quality loss of the format you sent us. So uploading MP3s is kind of like taking a picture of a picture with a digital camera and emailing it to us. Then when we encode it to send it to partners, it’s like we print out the picture of a picture, take a picture of it with a digital camera, and email it to them. It makes much more sense if you send us the original picture, i.e. FLAC or WAV files. Files must be stereo, 44.1 kHz sample rate, and 16bit. You can also upload MP3 files that meet these specifications, though we don’t recommend it. Please note that your tracks must meet all of our and our partner’s standards before we begin processing your submission. If there are any problems, we will email you immediately so you can upload a new track.

Why do I Need a PayPal Account?

Local E Played will distribute albums through a list of selected retailers so sales will vary depending on the price ranges the retailers set forth. All sales are recorded and proceeds are distributed evenly among the artists associated with that particular album release. All retailers report sales at different time frames, some weekly, some monthly and others quarterly. Once all reports have been collected within a quarter Local E Played pays out via PayPal to the roster quarterly.

What is considered original work specifically?

Any works lyrically and musically that were derived solely from you the artist or have permission from the original composer.

Will Local E Played accept a cover or remix?

You can not submit a cover or remix of any type unless you have already obtained the rights to use the copyrighted material.

I submitted material to be considered, Now what?

We will review your submission for consideration and you should expect a follow up email after the review process is over. Time frames for reviews may vary due to the current volume of submissions we’ve received.

How long will it take to show up on the site if chosen?

Once submission requirements are met for a specific city, contributors will be notified via email once production starts and again prior to release date.

What is the YouTube Playlist Collaboration?

The You Tube Playlist Project is a collaboration of user submitted music videos, live performances, interviews and more promoting everything circulating in their city’s arts & entertainment community. We are encouraging musicians, performers, businesses and fans from across the country to get involved by adding videos to their city’s playlist they think the world should see!

What playlists or cities are there to add videos to?

Local E Played is currently covering over 200 city playlists. For a full list see here.

How do I add my video?

To add a video to the You Tube Playlist select the appropriate playlist link from the city and state list below.


The link will redirect you to the appropriate playlist on the Local E Played You Tube Channel.


Click the continue button.


The selected playlist will be saved in your library and the permission notification will display below.



Click the Add Videos button.


The add video box will allow you to search for videos, enter a specific video URL or allow you to select a video from your personal library.


Click the add videos button and you’re done!


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