Local E Played is a collaborative promotional music project focusing on local independent artists as well as music oriented small business across the United States. We are here to engage fans with musicians, djs, record stores, night clubs and more while promoting their city’s growing local and independent music scene. Local E Played will feature different cities every season by showcasing the very best that city currently has playing.

Local E Played simplifies the connection between fans and their entertainment community, no more endless searching or bouncing from website to website for hot spots and live music. Contributors to the project help form a collaboration of local bands and solo artists, live music venues, music retailers, events and festivals, local radio all conveniently in one place. We are encouraging musicians and small business making an impact in their local music scene to get involved and help us bring it all to the public eye. A Hub for fans and musicians alike to network right within their demographic.

Explore emerging new artists or search for their favorites and listen to the hottest indie tracks. Attend shows at their favorite venues, read up on bios, buy albums, browse videos, podcasts and so much more to come. Local E Played is a powerful platform for fans to discover and unite with a variety of entertainment all within their community or the cities they’re visiting.

Local E Played is actively seeking artists, musicians, djs and producers with original works to be considered for our nationwide catalog. We are also encouraging local vendors of all types that support and/or promote independent music to get involved and aid in promoting our music community together.


For more information please review our Get Involved Page and FAQs if you are interested in contributing to the Local E Played project.

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